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development steps

 Setup customer care system
Our Over the last 15 years we have developed a customer care system. This allows you to:
► See the work on your website as it progresses.
► Communicate with the company.
► Track work-orders.
► Review agreements and Proposals.
► Upload images and files.
 Create site wireframe
A wire frame is a non graphical representation of your website that you can click and navigate pages. This allows you to see the flow of the new design and make sure the navigation is intuitive.

Many issues are caught with the wireframe that are never caught with a simple flow chart.
 Complete layout design
At this step the content design is created. This is the development of questions on forms, column spacing and other layout elements (no image graphics) are implemented in each section of the website. You can see the site now coming together.
 Graphics created and text inserted
We now create the final graphics and insert your text into the pages. This step us usually the most time consuming as text is normally "tweaked" several times before it is done.
 Create back-end coding and database
We are almost done. Back-end coding is now written. If you have data driven pages and forms in your website they are now made functional. Your site is now totally functional
 Upload and test
Your site is now uploaded to the server. There are some features that are dependent upon the server and cannot be tested/implemented prior to this step. Once completed the entire site is tested and finalized